Solo Adventures


I had nothing else to do yesterday, so I went on a little excursion all by my lonesome. Just me and nature. But nature can’t take my outfit photos, so in case anyone’s looking for a fashion fix today, I can show you my accessories (which really make the outfit – I was just wearing jeans and a black v-neck tee).


If you live in Indiana and you haven’t been here, you are missing out. I’ve walked around the IMA grounds many times before, but this time I wandered into some new places. It never gets old!




No matter what my sister says, I like my boat shoes. Sometimes I want a little preppy in my life (at first I typed “preppy in my steppy” but that just seemed corny…and yet here I am typing it again because I really want to say it). And on rare occasions, I am actually on a boat. Now I can fit in.


This is my house. (Did you fall for that? Maybe just for a second?)





Beautiful, isn’t it? You should go.

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