Memorial Day



This whole First Post Ever thing is rather intimidating! But we’ll just jump right in. I wore this yesterday to go to a cookout with friends. Since it was 90 degrees in the shade, there weren’t many options besides shorts and a t-shirt. Boring, right? Agreed. But these shorts have a cute little bow detail, and the wedges make me feel a little fancy (and tall, which is nice). Plus, have I mentioned how I love hats?! Of course not; this is my first post. Well let me go on record now as loving hats. The problem is that I look weird in most hats, so when I find one that looks good, I’m all over it. Then the next challenge is finding a hat occasion. There aren’t many. So thank you, Memorial Day!

Top: Benneton / Shorts: Pitaya / Shoes: Ann Taylor / Bracelets: American Eagle, Madewell / Hat: Target

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